Show Your Relay Spirit!

Spirit Award will be awarded 2107; start earning points at the 2016 event

This year we are bringing back the Spirit Award for 2017 starting the night of Relay 2016 and going through bank night 2017. This award is cherished by many of the teams and team captains who have won in the past as it gives them bragging rights for an entire year as the most spirited Relay For Life of Cullman County team.

As the award implies, it goes to the team with the most Relay spirit. Please study the list below so you will know the activities, along with the points you can earn. The team with the highest points at the end of bank night 2017 will be declared the winner at Relay that year.

This award is based on the merit system, if you send Megan word that you have accomplished any of the activities on the list, then we accept that information as fact. Megan, along with you, will be keeping up with your activities and spirit points. Please send your information on any of the activities listed to Megan Isbell  at or call 256-735-6904, between the hours of 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. If she is not available and you need to talk with her, she will get back with you.

Please keep a copy of these Spirit Points so you can keep track of your points and to encourage team members to participate. We will notify you if any other opportunities for earning spirit points are added. If you have questions, contact Megan.


Spirit Points – 2016-2017
Cullman County Relay for Life

Fundraising Points

• Early Bird Registration (min 5 team members at time) – 1,500

• Early Fundraising (June through December 2016; per $100) – 100

• Recruit a Relay Sponsor (1 point per Sponsorship Dollar) –  $$$$

• Meeting Team Fundraising Goal ($100 per Team Member) – 2,500

• Team Members meeting Goal (IF Team Goal not met; per) – 100

• At least $500 of total Team Fundraising being online – 1,000
(verified through online reporting)

• Recruiting a new team that raises at least $1,000 – 2,500

• Having a Fundraising Event – 1,000

• Participation in/Support of Other Team’s Event (per Team Member Participating) –  250

• Attend Bank Night (per Team Member) – 250

• Match/Beat team total from previous year by 4/15/17 – 2,500

• Reach and Submit Team Fundraising Goal by Bank Night – 2,500

• Media Coverage of Team Fundraising Event – 1,000

Make deposits at monthly meetings – 500

Activity Points

• Attend Relay University (per Team Member) – 250

• Attend Relay Kickoff (per Team Member, verified w/sign in sheet) – 500

• Representation at Team Captain’s Meetings (per Meeting) – 500

• Survivor on Team (per Survivor) – 1,000

• Team Member on Relay Committee (max – 1; must attend 7 meetings) – 1,000

• Tent Decoration Competition Participation – 1,500

• T-Shirt Competition Participation – 2,000

• Spirit Stick Competition Participation – 1,500

• Relay Activity Participation (Talent Show, Relay Idol, etc; per) – 500

• ACS CAN Membership (per Team Member) – 500

• Prepare & Host meal at Hope Lodge – 2,500

• Participate in Advocacy Event(s)(per Member, per Event) – 250


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